K'hal Ateres Zekainim
at Kline Galland Home

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Shalom! Welcome!

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Click HERE for link to Kline Galland Synagogue Services FEB-APR 2018


Shabbos Shacharis is at 8:45 weekly

Beginning Feb 3, Shabbos Mincha will be at 5:00 PM

Purim Schedules HERE

Know someone who is homebound/in hospital and can't come hear Megillah reading? Click HERE for info!
Updated Jan 15, 2018

Click HERE for online weekday siddur (Shacharis, Nusach Ashkenaz)
Complete online Siddurim from Chai Lifeline are HERE

K'hal Ateres Zekainim needs YOU!

The Minyan has been in operation
for 30 years!

(Our anniversary is the second Shabbos in February)

This is the ONLY minyan in Seattle specifically
for the benefit of our elders.
Please join us to help in  this easy mitzvah of chessed.

Now we need your help!

just your voice and body,

men and women, boys and girls.

Please join us for tefillah every Shabbos
(Friday night, Shabbos morning and afternoon) and Yom Tov.
At K'hal Ateres Zekainim, we offer:
· A warm, quiet, appropriate atmosphere.
· Easy-to-follow services.
· Participation by everyone is welcomed.
· Kiddush every week.

And most important,
· The residents really appreciate it.